Standard Land Survey:


A study, investigation and evaluation of major factors affecting and influencing the location of the boundaries, ownership lines, and may include rights of way and easements within or surrounding a certain lot, parcel, or quantity of real estate.  Such a study and evaluation will culminate in the deliberate location or relocation on the ground of the perimeters, division lines or boundaries and the determination of area on the certain lot, parcel, or quantity of real estate.  A standard land survey is not for title insuring purposes, but is suitable for most any other purpose.  This survey will not normally locate improvements, rights of way or easements within the surveyed site unless requested by the client or where such items appear to the surveyor in his professional judgment to indicate an encumbrance on the real estate.  The practice of locating land boundaries  requires the expert skill of a Registered Professional Land Surveyor well versed in the science and art of boundary law and long-practiced in the mechanics of measuring and computing values pertaining to such surveys.




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