Professional Surveying




"Professional surveying" means the practice of land, boundary, or property surveying or other similar professional practices.  The term includes any service or work the adequate performance of which involves the application of special knowledge of the principles of geodesy, mathematics, related applied and physical sciences, the relevant laws to the measurement or location of sites, points, lines, angles, elevations, natural features, and existing man-made works in the air, on the surface of the earth, within underground workings, and on the beds of bodies of water for the purpose of determining areas and volumes for:



(A)  the location of real property boundaries;

(B)  the platting and layout of lands and subdivisions of lands; or

(C)  the preparation and perpetuation of maps, record plats, field note records, easements, and real property descriptions that represent those surveys.  To the extent these services or types of creative work meet this definition, the term includes consultation, investigation, evaluation, analysis, planning, providing an expert surveying opinion or testimony, and mapping.

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