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Professional Surveys

Surveying is an ancient science that dates back thousands of years. Over time, surveying professionals have perfected their trade to analyze and record the characteristics of the land and terrain for boundary descriptions and maps. These maps and descriptions are used in land sales, ownership documents, locations, and for other legal demands.  This is why using a professional surveying business such as Hodde & Hodde Land Surveying is so important. Our professional surveying services include...

  • Title Surveys
  • Construction/Site Layout Surveys
  • Oil & Gas Well Staking & Unit Surveys

Boundary Surveys

A boundary survey is a survey to determine the location of the property lines of a given piece of property and to define the property corners as described in a deed.  All easements, encroachments and right-of-ways are indicated and noted on a boundary survey.  Whether you are needing a boundary survey to sell your land or settle an estate, we can help.

Railroad Surveys - ALTA/NSPS

Railroad surveying is a specialized form of surveying specifically geared towards the needs of the railroad industry.   Railroad surveying consists of center-line locations, right of way widths, gage distance, mileposts reference and more.  Our unique experience and specialized equipment is essential in providing accurate surveys for new railroad track construction, re-work, bridges and tunnels.

Topographical Surveys

A topographical survey is a survey intended to compile data about the elevation of a piece of land. This data is plotted as contour lines and graphically show the elevation of the terrain. We offer the latest in technology and years of experience to ensure an accurate topographical survey of your property.

Mortgage or Improvement Surveys

A mortgage survey is usually required when a person is buying a home with a mortgage.   The mortgage company will require a survey to verify they are lending money for the described property.  The survey will verify that all of the legal documents matches the property being purchased. Our many years of experience in performing mortgage surveys will keep your closing on a timely path and provide the mortgage company with the property documentation required.

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys

The American Land Title Association and the National Society for Professional Surveyors has created a set of national requirements to ensure standardization and accuracy. We exactly follow these standards to provide you with certified ALTA and NSPS land title surveys you require.

Civil Engineering Services

Civil engineering is the process of designing and maintaining roads, bridges, dams, and similar structures.  At Hodde & Hodde, we not only offer professional surveying but also offer civil engineering services.  Having an in-house civil engineer is a huge asset when it comes to completing your civil project.

Land Planning & Development

Professional land planning services are key to a successful development project.  We can assist in developing a solid land plan based on your goals. By offering services such as preliminary site plans & plat maps, preliminary site selection, master plan proposals and complete project due diligence,  we will help you make your project a success.

Title Research

Texas titles and deeds can date back to original Mexican land grants and may contain liens and other legal issues that are passed along from owner to owner. This is why title research is so important for your property or development.  Hodde & Hodde Land Surveying, Inc. provides in-house professional title research in order to define any unforeseen obstacles that may be associated with your title before it becomes an issue.

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